Sjov hytteferie

A fun family vacation in a hut – Sejs Bakker Camping in Silkeborg, Jutland

Take a vacation in a charming hut

Huts are a great alternative to tents and caravans if you want to be comfortable but still be close to nature and the outdoors. Bring your family or your friends for a vacation in a hut at Sejs Bakker Camping. We welcome you to our small, charming huts with room for gathering and good times.

Rent a hut in nature

Our huts are situated between tall trees and wide lakes. Bask in the sounds of birds chirping and the peaceful life of camping while you enjoy the setting sun on the patio of your hut. Dogs and cats are welcome and there is room for both humans and pets to play and relax out front.

Book a hut with everything

It is always possible to check our website for vacant huts and booking a hut online for your vacation. Whether your party is four or even up to eight people vacationing together we have a hut that matches your needs.

A vacation in a hut in the Central Jutland near Silkeborg

If you want to vacation in a central part of the country where you can reach a number of tourist activities are just a short drive away, vacationing in a hut in Central Jutland is the perfect choice. Our huts are close to Silkeborg which offers modern city life and picturesque surroundings. The time you don’t spend in your hut you can spend on fun experiences in the area.