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sejs bakker

Hjejlen på Silkeborgsøerne

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We are situated in Central Jutland in the picturesque Sejs, which sits directly adjacent to protected moors with the two famous hills Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg.

The campsite is within walking distance to shopping facilities and the beautiful Silkeborg lakes, upon which the steamboat Hjejlen makes daily trips to Himmelbjerget. Also, only two kilometers away lies the idyllic and kid friendly beach De Små Fisk (The Little Fish).

Contact info

Sejs Bakker Camping
Borgdalsvej 15, Sejs
DK-8600 Silkeborg
Phone +45 2174 6383

Campingfatter Klaus Dam“We are thrilled to invite you to yet another amazing vacation season!”
Klaus Dam, camp host

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